"Sunrise on the Detroit River, A Love Letter to Detroit" Interview with WWJ 950's Vickie Thomas

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DETROIT (WWJ) - It’s Detroit’s 313th birthday – and with that, one resident has his own special message for the city.

Wayne County Probate Judge Terrance Keith recently published a book called “Sunrise on the Detroit River: A Love Letter to Detroit.”

“Detroit needs to know, the nation needs to know that Detroit is loved,” Keith told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas. “[The book] is a collection of photos, there’s about 100 photos out of several thousand, and it’s set to the theme of Les Miserables, the love themes in Les Misérables.”

Keith said the idea for his book started when he moved from the west side to Riverfront Apartments in 2007.

“The first morning that I awakened, I saw the sun arise on the Detroit River,” he said. “I had never seen such a sight in Detroit.”


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